Jonny Strömberg @javve

A swedish full stack designer and engineer

Co-founder of the event startup Confetti

Co-founder of the international Javascript conference Nordic.js

Co-founder, designer and Javascripter at Silarapp

Co-founder of Swedens biggest hackathon event STHLMStartupHack

Open source enthusiast and creator of List.js, The Tictail Theme Builder, PNGTextures, and more.

Co-organiser of the 1300+ member strong Sthlm.js

Former lead designer at

Co-founder, designer and Javascripter at the Stockholm startup map Startuplocation

I’m not creative, I’m just a pragmatic doer with good taste.


Today, there’s a million different ways to get your event online, there’s Facebook, Eventbrite, Meetup and many other options. If you want a stand alone web presence however - a site, the process is a hassle at the very best, not to mention expensive.

With Confetti you’ll be able to create a beautiful site for your event, handle signups as well as building that hype. No coding or design skills needed.

This one is for you, meetup runners, wedding planners and organizers of conferences, hackathons and festivals, so that you can put your time, money and energy on what you do best - creating great experiences.

Role: Co-founder with everything that includes. Focus on product.   Year: 2013-10 → Now


In October 2011, my friend Johannes founded Sthlm.js - a meetup group in Stockholm for anyone interested in Javascript.

Since then, the group has grown from one member to over 1 300, making it one of the largest meetup groups in the Nordics. Sthlm.js has hosted talks by thought leaders like Robert Nyman, Paul Lewis and many more, tickets usually sell out within one minute after having been released.

Since there hasn’t been a conference in the Nordics on the subject before, we thought it was due time. We want to bring everyone together and spend two full days on what we love the most - code.

Role: Co-founder with everything that includes.   Year: 2014-01 → Now


A open source vanilla Javascript library I've written. Makes it super easy to add search, sort and filters to plain HTML lists/tables.

Most watched JavaScript project at Github on week of release and second most forked (after Bootstrap). #1 Hackernews.

Role: Personal project - Everything.   Year: 2011-09 → Now   •

Real time Twitter and Instagram visualisation for events and offices. I do all design and most of the frontend. Pretty hardcore Javascript, just sayin'.

SilarApp was founded at 24HBC 2011, a hackathon that my team won. The first version visualised data with a 2d physics engine called Box 2D.

Role: Co-founder with everything that includes. Focus on design.   Year: 2011-09 → Now
Slideshare: Uncovering the magic behind Silarapp
Box2D JaveScript Tutorial


Where do I publish a text or article if I don't have or want a website? How to we collaborate around text privately as well as publicly. Programmers got Github, writers have nothing.

I started out the summer of 2012 with a grand vision, but had to put the project on ice after a couple of months due limited time etc. Interesting enough did several big shots in the startup industry launch services trying solving similar problems. Medium, Draftin, Editorially and Quip to mention a few. Great minds think alike, haha.

Tech: I used Node.js with Express and MongoDB in the backend while experimenting with Backbone and custom built Javascript frameworks in the frontend.

Role: Personal project - Everything.   Year: 2012-10 → 2013-03   •

No talent, just one and a half decade of rock solid passion.

Startuplocation is a map with startups in Stockholm. The purpose is to connect the startup community and to market Sweden internationally.

One of my biggest driving forces is meeting inspiring people who dare chasing their dreams. This may sound like a kliché, but for me it's really true. I founded Startuplocation with Martina Elm and Jonatan Heyman to meet more of these amazing people. I'm responsible for all design and most of the frontend.

Role: Co-founder with everything that includes. Focus on design & frontend.   Year: 2011-11 → Now   •


I spent almost two years as the only designer at Mynewsdesk. We were a product team consisting of a dussin developers and two project leaders.

Mynewsdesk is a PR service from Sweden with 100+ employees, 5000+ paying customers, 45 000+ free customers and millions of visitors. I started when the company had been in operations for eight years without a full time designer. There for did a lot of my time go to setting design guidelines and update the visual profile of the entire site.

Role: Lead designer.   Year: 2011-06 → 2013-01   •

About Jonny

A swedish maker and product designer. I enjoy the full process of making web products. Some people would call me a full hybrid.

I spend my days with both design and programming as well as marketing and product strategy. During the last fifteen years I've started project, founded and failed startups, almost earned two master degrees in engineering and met hundreds of inspiring friends.

When I'm not making web products, I like organising hackathons, parties and meetups.

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